All types of false teeth and dentures repaired at Chorley denture services.


Dental Repairs By Experts

It is difficult if not impossible to repair chipped or broken false teeth yourself.Dental technicians have the training and equipment to restore your denture to its original condition and are experts in denture and false teeth repairs.Using acrylic resins and denture teeth to match your denture, your denture will be repaired to look as it was before it broke.

A broken or cracked denture can be embarrassing and always happens at the most inconvenient times so we endeavour to repair dentures as fast as possible, dental repairs can be carried out on nearly all types of false teeth.

It is also possible to re-enforce broken dentures with stainless steel wire or mesh.


Dentures Can Be Repaired Usually While You Wait.

Most dentures can be repaired by us, but please do not attempt to glue your denture as this will make the job of repairing your denture much harder.

Attempting to repair dentures yourself with DIY denture repair kits will usually damage your denture beyond professional repair. Your denture is repaired by replacing the broken acrylic section with new acrylic resin; this is a skilled process and requires specialist equipment.

Please try to bring all the broken parts of your denture with you to the Laboratory, it is wise to call us to arrange an emergency denture repair so we can allocate a suitable appointment for you.


Cost Of Denture Repairs

The cost of denture repairs is dependent on the complexity of the repair and the speed of the service provided.

The cost may be slightly higher if strengthening techniques are needed to reinforce your dental plate.

We can advise in more detail when we have seen your broken denture.We also restore the high gloss finish to your dentures when they are repaired.


Copy Dentures And Duplicate Dentures

This is a method by which your Dental Technician can copy your original dentures, to reproduce a better fitting and stronger copy of your original set, sometimes this technique is called the 'duplicate denture technique' this technique is often used to copy dentures

Copy dentures using the duplicate denture technique are also useful when you wish to have a spare back up set or vanity set of your original dentures.

The copy denture technique or duplicate denture technique, is also used when patients do not wish to loose the appearance that friends and family have become accustomed to seeing care is taken not to reproduce any errors inherent in your original dentures.


Our Relaxing Clinic Room

All treatment can be carried out in a upright postion using our fully adjustable, easy accessible dental chair.

No more worries about having those impressions!

Chorley Denture Services UPDATE !

Chorley Denture Service is now offering New style Bespoke iDentures.

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