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New dentures, implant assisted dentures, repairs and cleaning 

Chorley Denture Services has an excellent reputation for high-quality workmanship, superior customer services and advice, all at extremely competitive prices. This is why we believe so many of our valued customers return to us and also go on to recommend our services to friends and family. So whether you need new dentures or even old dentures repairing, we can help. Chorley Denture Services serve clients from Chorley, Leyland, Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Manchester and Wigan areas.


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Denture Cleaning

What is the importance of denture cleaning? Well, hygiene is one of the most crucial aspects of oral health. Regular home cleaning is necessary to keep your dentures and mouth free of microorganisms, but this does not always prevent plaque and tartar build-up. This, like natural teeth, is difficult to remove and will necessitate extra care. Ignoring the build-up of these germs may be extremely dangerous, causing not only discolouration of your denture and teeth but also irritation of the gums and tongue, foul breath, and, in some cases, fungal infections. Our prices start from £20.00.

Cosmetic and implant assisted dentures

Premium Denture

One Denture £655 | Full Set £1195

Hard plastic teeth with natural results and a strong acrylic denture base, high quality yet affordable dentures. They come with a basic selection of tooth shapes, colours and denture materials without compromising quality.

Superior Denture 

One Denture £795 | Full Set £1480

Our superior range of dentures are a very popular choice with our patients. Superior, cosmetically characterised ‘pearl effect’ resin teeth with anatomical irregularities are used to produce an enhanced, natural facial appearance. In addition, basic gum re-contouring is used to provide plumpness in the right areas to reduce that typical ‘denture look’.

Superior Plus Denture

One Denture £995 | Full Set £1795

A highly technical procedure using advanced construction techniques and materials. This type of denture can rejuvenate your denture wearing life. Using composite, natural effect multi layer teeth, together with full gum contouring and superior, high impact acrylic base plates. This type of denture technique can re-establish natural facial appearance and fully corrected biting function, taking years off your appearance.

ULTRA Accurate Impressions

High quality premixed impression materials, providing a faster setting and less flow, helping with throat sensitivity, patient comfort and accuracy of denture fit. This process is available with our Superior and Superior Plus dentures.

Denture Implants

Denture Stabilisation
Dental implants are the single most effective treatment for ill-fitting and loose dentures. They will provide you with a long term solution that makes your dentures feel more secure, which in turn gives you much more confidence! At Chorley Denture, the minimum standard of care we promote is two dental implants, which are proven to dramatically help and overcome the social and physical limitations experienced by denture wearers.


Implant Assisted Dentures (excluding implants)
These precision fit dentures are the latest most advanced technology available for our clients. Implant assisted dentures will restore your confidence and chewing ability. This treatment uses state of the art dental implants to stabilise your dentures, virtually eliminating embarrassing denture movement. This is the gold standard in dentures and no more fixatives.

One Denture made with Superior Plus £1395
One Denture made with Bespoke £1735
Replacement Implant inserts £25

Additional Items

Chrome Cobalt Ultra Thin Bases £355 (denture work extra)
Metal alloy partial dentures are far less bulky, being generally lighter, extremely strong and much more comfortable in the mouth. Metal backings behind the teeth can be incorporated into the design, so there are no plastic areas to fracture off.

Flexible Denture Base (denture work extra) £330

Soft Lining and Reline £235
Tooth/Clasp addition to denture £145
Reline upper or lower denture £190
Stainless steel clasp on new denture £65
Denture Cleaning (per denture) £25

Bespoke iDenture™

One Denture £1325 | Full Set £2495

Our bespoke range takes dentures to a new level. Virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, individually hand characterised, ‘Next Generation’ multi-layer composite teeth and featuring fully anatomical internal and surface characterisation.

These dentures provide the ultimate in appearance, function and quality, giving the effect of a mini facelift. The time taken, complexity and advanced techniques used to construct this truly individual and naturally sympathetic option are reflected in the stunning results that can be achieved. Enhanced gum contouring techniques and natural gum shading. Injection moulded high impact acrylic superior strength and precision fit.

What is an iDenture™?

Denture production over the past 100 years has barely changed. The time tested methods and materials have gone into millions of custom dentures all over the world.
The iDenture™ system has been introduced to complement these methods whilst introducing the future of denture technology.
With an iDenture™, we can do more than just replace your missing teeth. We’ll help you achieve the look and feel you deserve and get you back to doing everything you love!
• Make-over your smile
• Restore your confidence
• Precision fit & comfort
• Proven, long-lasting durability

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